PLUR stands for the main four pillars of the rave scene. Most people think of electronic music, drugs, and light shows when they think of raves or house music festivals. But there is actually much more to it than what is seen on the surface. PLUR literally stands for Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. All of which are important to enjoying each and every event you attend.

The idea is that all of these are tied to together in such a way that you can’t have one without the others existing as well. They aren’t just given to you by any means simply because you show up at a rave and pop a pill or take something. You have to be open to it and understand that as you give each of these, you will receive them in return. Whether you are looking for it or not, it’s there. And part of enjoying each and every show is knowing that PLUR exists.

Peace is about not creating violence especially in such a place where it’s easy to become irate and generally just pissed off. People will be spilling drinks, the music might not be what you expected, and people will more than likely bump into you a few times. The key is to not let it get to you. This isn’t just to enjoy the show, but to also keep yourself safe. There are some really messed up people in the world. Don’t take the chance that the guy you decide to pick a fight with is one of them. For all you know he can have twice as many friends as you and can be hiding a weapon. Let things pass and understand that accidents happen, deal with it and enjoy the DJ.

plurLove is about appreciating everything around you. The people, the music, the environment all can be appreciated if you just chill out and keep the peace. Raves and festivals are put together for maximum enjoyment. Everything from the light shows to sound system are brought together for one thing, to have an amazing time. Relax and it will happen.

Unity naturally follows both peace and love. You can get along with others and in turn they help you to enjoy this coming together of people and music known as a rave. You don’t need to walk around greeting every single person you see. It simply means that you understand that you are not the only one enjoying this show. People come from all walks of life and somehow enjoy the same places and sounds. Music can bring people together in strange ways, being aware that it has this ability to do so is what’s important.

Respect is what ties everything together. Having respect for Peace, Love, and Unity. It’s about respecting those around you and those who have taken the time to throw the rave for you to enjoy. You may not always like the music playing or the temperature outside, but there are others who might be loving every minute of it. Someone once mentioned that we are oftentimes too worried about being disrespected than to realize that we are not respecting others. No one respects someone else unless they are being given respect in turn.

Now that you understand the four main pillars of the electronic dance scene, or raves, perhaps you can bring this mentality to your next show. PLUR is important to those who truly enjoy every show, and there’s no doubt that you enjoy it yourself.

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PLUR stands for the main four pillars of the rave scene. Most people think of electronic music, drugs, and light shows when they think of raves or house music festivals.
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