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Party Like a Pro: Organize a Glow Party

party like a pro

Throwing a party is a lot of work. While you need to do a lot of planning, the most vital part is to decide on a theme. It can be a little more difficult if you are catering to teenager or particularly young crowd here. As a formal party or a serious theme will not be appreciated by them, you will have to do something fun and funky to win this crowd over. Here a glow in the dark party can be a great idea. It is fun, it is fresh, and with a little bit of creativity it can be unique. While glow parties are being increasingly popular these days, the idea is to incorporate something new to win your guests over.

Once you have all the supplies you require, such as glow stick, glow necklaces, black lights, funky colorful accessories, glow in the dark paints etc you need to think about what you can do to engage your guests. A glow paint booth can be a great idea here. In this booth your guests can get their body painted in fluorescent glow in the dark color. While you can hire a professional body painter for this job, you can ask your guests to color each other as well.

Apart from this you can organize some games as well to keep your guests engaged. While you can stick to the usual party games, you can also incorporate some glow element in those games. For example, the usual ball in the loop can be played with a little glowing touch in it. Just add up some of the glow necklaces and create a loop. Now take a glow in the dark ball and play the regular ball in the loop game.

If your guests consist of young adults, then glow kiss can be a great game to play. Ask all the girls to paint their lips in glowing lip color and kiss on a particular wall. Now ask the guys to guess whose imprint is which one. The shortcoming of this game is, it can only be played when all the guests know each other very well. You can also play the game Glow King with a little different idea. Here also the girls will paint their lips in glowing colors. Now ask them to kiss any guy whom they find the hottest in the party, of course they’ll have to leave the kiss mark on the guy’s cheek. In the end the guy with the most number of marks gets the title of glow king.

Another fun idea can to keep a tub of glowing color in one corner. Now ask you guests to dip their palms in the color and leave a hand print on the shirt or t-shirt of the guest of honor. This idea can be fun if the party is being organised to celebrate some special occasion for a dear friend. Similarly you can mount one wall with black or glow in the dark paper and keep some glow in the dark markers. The guests can leave their wishes or message for the guest of honor in the paper.


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