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Glow In The Dark Party Ideas

Glow In The Dark Party Ideas

Glow in the dark party ideas are endless! Parties are not complete until you have burst a few balloons, dumped your friend in the pool and spilled a few drinks. And with newer and better Glow In The Dark Party Ideas keeping party spirits high, you would definitely want to arrange one at home soon. Be it a birthday bash for your ten year old, or a all night party to celebrate your husband’s promotion, glow in the dark party ideas seem to suit almost every occasion. Glowsticks can add an exquisite charm to every object that it is added to. And when we say, every object, we mean seriously every little thing in your home that you want to see glowing in the dark.

Up here, there has been a lot of demand for new glow in the dark party ideas, and we have come up with a few to help readers create that exquisite in their homes.

Glow In The Dark Party Ideas

Helium Balloons: To watch a few balloons floating aimlessly across your ceiling will always be a lot of fun for the young and old alike. But to watch them float and glow at the same time is an exquisite party idea. All you need to do is insert a few glowsticks in the already inflated balloons, add in a little gas, and seal the balloon. Watch it as it floats across your ceiling capturing the attention of everyone present on the floor. Get clever with the colors of the balloon and the glowstick that you fill in them. A blue balloon will look great glowing with a blue glowstick. However, a better idea is to use a contrast colored glowstick in recent glow in the dark party ideas, and create a zing effect. This idea does not suit sober parties or themed parties, but will definitely suit parties which have bright glow in the dark décor on floor and a few themed decorations.

Water Bodies or Pools: If you have a pool at home and want a poolside party in the evening, dropping in a few glow in the dark orb would be a great way to let the water take part in the theme of the décor. Alternatively, if you have a few Jacuzzis at home, bring them into the party arena and place them either altogether in a corner or spread them evenly all around. Keeping a huge water body in the center would be a great way to mimic the poolside effect. Orbs filled with glowsticks released into these water bodies, cause a drastic change in the mood of your room.

•Dining Table Decoration: Adding glowsticks to your spoons and plates is a great way to make the dining area look highly interesting. This works great in kids’ parties. It is a warm experience watching the kids swarm to the colorful arrangement and get ready for their food.

Jars, Bowls and Containers: Jars and bowls are required on side table for a glow in the dark party. Ideas that have been flowing of late, ensure that not one corner of your room is left behind in joining the glow in the dark frenzy. Insert glowsticks in covered bowls and sealed jars, preferably of plastic, and watch them glow with all new vigor.

Lamps and Hangings: A clever way to spice up your Glow In The Dark Party Ideas, is to add glowsticks in lamps that are turned off. Wall hangings and pictures can be bordered with glowsticks and paint, to make them look aesthetically prominent during the party.

•Dessert Decoration: Most professional party organizers have used glowsticks and LED cotton candy sticks to revv up the mood of the glow in the parties. You could use the idea as well. All you need to do is set aside a separate table for desserts and add glowsticks in the center of all the displays like cakes, pastries, and other delicacies. Lining borders of similarly patterned wall hangings decorated on the wall next to the table, creates a glowing dessert corner, for guests t o walk up to and choose delicacies from.
glow in the dark party ideas
So, which is it? Ice cream lined with cold sticks or LED candy cones, what are you treating your guests to? You can easily improve upon such glow in the dark party ideas and create your own effect. In case you do, share the glow in the dark party ideas with us and upload a few snaps if possible.


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