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Glow in the Dark Party Themes

glow in the dark party themes

Glow in the dark party themes are the keystones of fun glow parties. Currently in United States, glow parties are very popular among young adults and teenagers. The main objective of these parties is to have good fun and enjoy it thoroughly. Glow parties are usually planned events and you would need to buy a ticket if you want to enjoy yourself. In most cases the guests are encouraged to wear clothes made of fluorescent materials and these clothes glow in the dark. The environment is created using black LED lights and in case you want to throw a Glow Party for your family and friends, here is how you do it.

Plan out the basic things that you need
Before you start organizing things for your party, it is essential that you understand the basic things you would need for your party. Thus, it would be a good glow in the dark party idea to make a list of things and stock the basic supplies which are:

Black lights: Buy a few black lights as they are one of the most important party supplies that you would need. These lights make bright colored objects and fluorescent clothing glow in the dark. There are many stores available which would be able to lend you these lights for a small amount.

Glow sticks: Colored glow sticks make the party glow in vibrant colors. You can buy the glow bands which are flexible and can be worn around the wrist. Otherwise you can use the plastic glow sticks which can be held in the hand or worn around the neck.

Fluorescent paper and pen: Your party can be unique if you make your own decorations using fluorescent pen and paper. These papers help creating great glow in the dark party themes You can also create a banner contest during the party and the guest having the banner with the best design would win a gift.

LED lights- These parties are also decorated with small LED lights and here you can use the ones you had for Christmas also. Using LED lights is a good glow in the dark party idea.

Glowing body paint: The last thing that you would need is some glowing body paint which can be sprayed on the wrists of the guests to create funkiness in the party.

Cheap accessories- To further enhance the atmosphere of your Glow in the Dark Party; you can distribute cheap colored rings, bracelets and sunglasses. These accessories would add more fun element to the party.


Prepare the list for everything
After the basic accessories needed for the party has been listed, you can now concentrate on a few more important things like planning for simple food and drinks. Creating a list of the guests is also essential. Finally you would need to plan the music and entertainment for the party. The music here needs to be techno music or any funky loud music. This depends on your glow in the dark party themes.

Sending invitations for the party
You can create a funky e-card and send it to your guests. It is essential that you also speak to them over the phone. Mark a date, which would be judged as the last date for party confirmation. This simple step would help you to understand how many guests are you expecting and how are you planning your food and drinks accordingly. Get a friend to help you with the procedure for guest confirmations. Here you can keep a few options for gate crashers also.

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Decorating the party room
When holding a glow party, decorating the party-room is very hectic. Here you can seek the help of a few friends and decorate the room a few days before the party date by blacking out the party area and removing the presence of any light and then setting up the black lights. You can use the glow sticks and the LED lights for decoration and distribute them evenly around the room. Some of the LED lights can be hung from the top using a string which has been secured and placed around the room. If you have loud music playing, be intelligent enough to get the required permission. Otherwise, you might face hassle in the middle of the party.
Once these basic preparations are done, wait for the guests to pour in and let the party begin in full swing.

Glow In The Dark Party Themes

Here are some of the most popular glow in the dark party themes. They are easy to create with a good glow party plan. Use your imagination for the perfect glow in the dark party idea.

glow in the dark party themes

Outer Space Theme

glow in the dark party themes

1980s Theme

glow in the dark party themes casino

 Casino Theme


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