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Light up clothing is perfect for fun occasions such as raves and parties. You can find cool pieces of light up clothing, led accessories and fiber optic clothing at Light Up Wear.


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Fiber optic clothing is created by conncecting normal fabric with thin optical fibers. It is the latest trend on light up clothing in general. It has a patented technology and mostly handmade. Fiber optic clothes are durable, stylish and very comfortable to wear. Pick your style and shine with fiber optic clothes!

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Light Up Wear provides the best of light up clothing items to you awesome people!

Light Up Wear: A Trendy and Practical Fashion Accessory

Light up wear is a fashionable and practical accessory that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It refers to clothing, shoes, and accessories that emit light or glow in the dark, providing an eye-catching and unique look. Light up wear is perfect for people who want to stand out at parties, concerts, or events and make a statement with their fashion choices.

The most popular light up wear items include shirts, jackets, shoes, hats, and even bags. These items are equipped with LED lights that emit a bright and vibrant glow, creating a unique and dynamic look. The lights are powered by batteries and can be turned on and off as needed, making it easy to control when you want to stand out and when you want to blend in.

Another great feature of light up wear is its practicality. For example, light up shoes are perfect for runners, walkers, and cyclists who want to increase their visibility when out and about in the dark. The bright lights help drivers see them from a distance, reducing the risk of accidents and making it easier for drivers to spot them on the road.

In addition to being practical, light up wear is also eco-friendly. Many light up clothing and accessories are made with energy-efficient LED lights that use very little power, making them a great choice for people who are concerned about the environment.

Overall, light up wear is a fun and trendy fashion accessory that offers a unique and practical look. Whether you’re looking to stand out at a party or want to increase your visibility while out and about, light up wear is a great choice. So why not add a touch of style and practicality to your wardrobe today with some light up wear!

Light Up Clothing Is Fun Clothing

If you are bored of regular, boring outfits give a chance to light up clothing. This style is a perfect attention getter in a party or in any event. You can get the best color of tutu skirts or bras for special occasions. Would you like to make a big fashion statement with your light up Christmas sweater at the Christmas party? LED products are fashionable and re-usable. They’re fun to use. LED Technology is one of the finest technologies in illumines. LED is the acronym of Light Emitting Diode and it is a semiconductor that emits visible light when electricity passes through it. The emission of light depends on electrons flowing between anode and cathode and the color of the visual emission (that can be Red, Green, Blue, Amber, and White…) depends on the material utilized. Light up clothing mix this technology with style. This is what makes this fashion alive and unique.

Interactive Light Up Clothes

Light up clothing now has been made more interactive. There are clothes that allow you to broadcast any message you want on your shirt by messaging yourself from your phone via Bluetooth. You can simply send a text message on your phone and that message will appear on your led shirt. Others allow color change according to the wearer’s activity; these types of clothing’s encourage more movement as the wearer would want to showcase the color. Also movement sensitive light up clothing is very important to the fitness clothing industry.

Light Up Clothing In Fitness

Light up clothing isn’t just limited to fashion led lights, designers are working on creating an illuminating clothing using led’s so that the safety of runners on public pathways and roads are enhanced. Shirts with led’s usually include a small hidden battery inside the pocket of the shirt which allows for the user to turn them on or off as he pleases. Interactive light up shirts, that light up when the user moves or when there is a movement in the surrounding environment can actually help the runners on roads.

Most people like to listen to music on their headphones while jogging or running, which is sometimes very dangerous as they become unaware of the surrounding environment. Their sense of sound is compromised as they are listening to music. This makes likely to be hit by cars or cyclists. Led shirts can light up whenever there is some sort of unusual movement in the surrounding behind the user allowing the user to notice it with the color change. A garment which would illuminate would also add up to the safety of the user.

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Fashion industry is combing technology into their works now. This isn’t just limited to adding a few led on the t-shirts, but other new items like led sounds, broadcasting messages, interactive clothing, in which, your face isn’t the only place which will show emotions and expressions, and you can literally wear them.

How To Take Care Of Light Up Clothes

Like every other clothing or shoes you own, you need to take care of them so that they last a long time. Light up clothing and shoes are slightly expensive from regular clothing, so making sure that they don’t get damaged and last a long time, you need to take good care of them. One factor to always keep in mind is to be careful when near water. Make sure that your clothes and shoes are protected from fluids and getting too much in contact with water.

LED shirts have led panels connected to the shirt with a Velcro, which is removable; always remember to remove it while washing your clothes. Keep in mind that the LED lights are attached with wires that can cause a short circuit when they get into contact with water.

To avoid damaging your shoes and clothes you should avoid wearing them while in the swimming pool or on the beach or on boat trips. Also avoid exposure of too much heat. Your light up clothing should be avoided of getting too hot. So make sure you also don’t overcharge them as over-charging makes it too hot. It will also shorten the life of the battery.

Another important factor which will affect the life of your light up clothing is how you clean it. The best way of cleaning the shoes is using a clean piece of cloth and warm soapy water.Light up shoes and clothes are safe and can be worn by anyone.

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