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Glow In The Dark Party Decorations


Glow in the dark party decorations make an event more joyful and alive. Glow in the dark party decorations feature lots of shimmering and glowing lights without the fear of burns from sparklers and homemade fireworks shows, since the glow stick produces a cool light from chemical reactions.

Glow-In-The-Dark-Party-DecorationsRed and blue glow sticks can be handed out and used in the decoration at your Fourth of July event to give that patriotic feeling. They make great party favors and you can usually find them fairly cheap. For the kids in place of sparklers hand out glow stick tubes and the ever popular tornado glow stick with two colors spiraling down the plastic. Kids can have the same amount of fun running around with them and spinning them rapidly to create flashing messages in the air. You may also find Fourth of July themed pendants that will fit well with the party.

Giving the guests glow sticks bracelets or necklaces to wear is also practical at this party so that you can keep track of everyone as they move around.

Use glow in the dark party decorations items on your buffet table or as centerpieces on the tables where your guests will sit. Always using red and blue, you can scatter regular glow sticks tubes of just about any size from 1 inch to 22 inches on the tables or wrap the chair arms and legs with the tubing. You can even connect several of the longer tubes together to make a rope to string along the patio railings or on stair banisters.

Glow In The Dark Party Decorations

Make use of other glow or light up items to great effect as well. Many glow sticks companies also sell LED light products such as plastic ice cubes, light up cups and even light up pool lights if you happen to have a pool. In most cases, party ideas for a glow stick party should extend well beyond the actual glow stick concept. Be sure to plan an assortment of party decorations, supplies, favors and foods that are generally bright and festive; not all of these items have to directly relate to the glow stick concept. Party Supplies to match your theme party.

Those having glow sticks parties can do well to match their glow in the dark theme with other accents for guests. You can give glow sticks products as party favors, use glow sticks decorations and put up black lights to help set off the phosphorescent glow and even hand out themed invitations that glow in the dark.

It’s easy to make glow in the dark invitations. You can accent them with glow stickers, ink and paint. Or you can make neon and black invitations that will glow under a black light. Glow in the dark products work because they contain phosphors that are charged up by exposure to a light source causing them to give off light particles or photons in the dark. The newest kind of phosphor being used today is Strontium Aluminate. It will usually be mixed into a plastic and molded into all kinds of toys, watches and even acrylic paints.

You can find glow in the dark paint made with this new longer lasting phosphor online or in many stores that can be used to create the writing on your invitations. One fun trick is to buy glow in the dark paint that is invisible or clear in the light and use it on your invitations. You’ll have to make up your invitations in the darkness though so that you can see what you are writing.

Use blank white paper to set off the glow of your writing in the dark. You’ll have to write in regular ink on the front of your invitation a clue of some sort for guests to decode the mystery of their blank invitations. A message like, “You’ll find that I glow with news for you” might work well.

The receivers of your glow in the dark invitations may need to hold the invitations under a light for a few minutes in order to charge up the phosphors in the paint for a good strong glow. Glow in the dark items can come in virtually any color; but the brighter, the better! No one wants to see a white or grey glow stick; rather, they’d probably prefer to hold and behold glow sticks in bright rainbow hues, such as red, orange, yellow, blue, indigo and violet.

Glow in the Dark Party Decorations Ideas

The average party can get a pick-me-up through the use of effective decoration, such as the ever popular glow sticks decorations. Since their creation and induction into the entertainment industry glow sticks have undergone a variety of changes. The basic glow stick tube is still very much in use, but now you’ll also find adaptations on the tube for more interest and fun.

Many glow sticks manufacturers make longer glow sticks tubes, sometimes up to fifteen inches in length, which can be used as a necklace or in decoration. The simplest and easiest way to decorate with glow sticks is to take these tubes and wrap them around objects like chair legs and arms, stair banisters, and coat stands or standing lamps in the home. It will create a very neon effect when you activate the glow sticks and turn off the lights. Most glow sticks parties are best held at night.

Other more unique glow in the dark party decorations include glowing champagne glasses and other tableware and silverware for the party. You can create your own glowing drinks effect by picking up a few glowing ice cubes. These are plastic and not meant to be eaten but they are shaped like ice cubes or sometimes fruit. Inside is a small light that is powered by an equally small battery. Not exactly a glow stick innovation, but they make a great decorative accent to the glow stick party.

Glow drinkware and eyewear
Glow strings
glow balloons

For an interesting glow stick decoration you can make try creating glow sticks balloons. If you are using helium to fill the balloons for the party all the better, because it makes such a great effect. Buy several of the smallest glow sticks you can find. They will most likely be the one inch ones. Stretch out your balloon a little bit by blowing it up with regular air and letting it out again. Then insert one or two of the tiny glow sticks. You may need the larger balloons for this and remember that you need to activate the glow sticks before putting them into the balloon. Finally fill the balloon as you normally would with either helium or air and tie it off. You now have a glow sticks balloon to decorate with. At a glow sticks party, even non glowing decorations can hold a special glow all their own. Make sure that all banners, floral arrangements, centerpieces, etc., are bright and vibrantly colored, in brilliant hues like azure blue and firecracker red; get guests in the mood for what is sure to be a great and glowing party.

Loot Bags

Gift bags are wonderful party favors to hand out to your guests as you can make up your own, keep control of the prices, and you can mix up the items a little bit to help ensure that everyone will find something they like and glow sticks loot bags are becoming quite the rage.
Glow-In-The-Dark-Party-DecorationsToday’s clubbing lifestyle has created a desire for items that tend to glow-in-the-dark or that appear to glow when taken under a black light. Also you’ll find that many kids are drawn to cool little things that catch their eyes. That may be part of the reason that kids so love catching lighting bugs in the summer evenings.

As a result glow sticks products and other glow-in-the-dark items have really caught on in popularity. You can make a memorable party favor gift for your guests by putting together a themed glow sticks loot bag even if you aren’t having a glow sticks themed party.

Things to include in the loot bag include, obviously enough, glow sticks, glow necklaces and bracelets. You can purchase the simple glow necklace and bracelet tubes online for relatively cheap or you can pay a little more and get themed products like glowing heart necklaces or glowing charm bracelets. Boys may like the Halloween themed monster necklaces in their loot bags.

You can usually find a lot of phosphorescent items to go with the glow sticks in your loot bags. Many people like the glow-in-the-dark stickers or even glow-in-the-dark nail polish. Food can also be found that has phosphorescent chemicals considered safe for consumption, such as those glowing Certs candies.

For adult loot bags you can put together a gift of a light up drinking glass and light up ice cubes. These both make use of small LED lights. If you are handing out the loot bags at night or in a glow sticks party you can wrap the items up in clear cellophane and include a small activated glow stick either inside or tied to the ribbon of the loot bags to create a snazzy look. Loot bags, when given at a glow sticks party, can go by a number of different names. They could be called treat bags, goodie bags, booty bags (a particularly relevant term for a pirate party), and of course loot bags. Regardless of their name, guests will enjoy these free gifts.

Glow in the Dark Party Games

Its always fun to try out new games and activities, such as the newly popular glow sticks games that people are creating for their parties. After all if we didn’t have so much fun trying out these new ideas then the Funky Chicken Dance never would have gotten off of the ground.

Some of the more popular games that are being created with glow sticks are the adaptation of outdoor sports for nighttime play. You’ll find a wide range of glow sticks products that have been developed for night time golf, glow-in-the-dark Frisbee and even Hide-and-go-Seek.

Capture The Flag

The supplies needed for night golfing are similar to day golf and its fun once you get used to the dark. Many glow sticks manufacturers sell golf balls that light up via a mini light and battery inside. Also you will need some sort of glowing marker for the holes and everyone will need to wear glow sticks or glow necklaces and bracelets to keep track of each other. Glowing Frisbees have been around for awhile and a game of night time Frisbee can be lots of fun. You can also play Frisbee golf if you live near a park that has the facilities. Supplies will be similar to that of night golf.

All you really need for night time Hide-and-go-Seek is a set of glow sticks or necklaces for the players. You can find a glow sticks product for just about any outdoors game you can think up. There are even glowing beach balls.

A word of safety though, when playing any of these glow-in-the-dark or night time games its best to keep a couple of outdoor light on. Even if you just set up garlands of outdoor lantern lights for decoration it will aid the guests in seeing where they are going. Many an accident can be avoided with a little night light or two. When planning the party games schedule for a glow stick party, always allow some ‘flex time’ for guests to do as they please with their glow sticks. They may not want to spend all their time displaying, arranging or racing with their glow sticks. They might simply want to wave them around, stand back, and admire the beauty that ensues.

Gifts and Prizes

When throwing a party you need to think of the kinds of favors, prizes and/ or gifts you will be giving out and now the popularity of glow-in-the-dark items really makes glow sticks gifts and prizes a great idea for your event.

People love to light themselves up and in effect become the most striking or eye-catching person at a party, so glow sticks gifts are a good idea if you plan on having a party in the evening or someplace dark.

For kids and adults there are plenty of glow sticks styles to go around and you can even find special glow sticks items to fit with a particular party theme. If the party is held close to Easter you can give out glowing bunny ears for guests to wear. If it’s closer to Halloween you can get themed monster necklaces for the kids at your party to wear.

For a more adult party you can find other types of glow-in-the-dark prizes to give out. One special party favor type item is the glowing champagne glass. These are champagne glasses with small LED lights in them powered by equally small batteries that you can turn on and off. You can use them at the party to hold everyone drinks and afterwards the guests can take theirs home as party favors.

A simple glow stick gift to give out is the glow stick tube, necklace or bracelets. You can set up a big basket of the different kinds at the entrance to the party and encourage guests to pick out their favorites to wear at the party or to take a couple home with them. Glow sticks not only provide decoration and cool effects but also allow you to keep track of guests at the party. You can even make up little gift baskets with different kinds of glow-in-the-dark items in them, such as glow sticks, glowing stickers, maybe a black light bulb in its packaging (so people can enhance their glow sticks effects at home), and even glow-in-the-dark candies. Gifts and prizes at a glow stick party could take the form of colorful items that resemble glow sticks in some way. These could be artistic models of glow sticks, long pillows and purses that resemble these popular party favors, etc. Guests will be impressed by the creativity behind these items, even if they are not actual glow sticks


Glow sticks party just isn’t a party without those glow sticks party favors to give out to the guests as they arrive. Kids love glow sticks party because they are fun, adults love them because they make them feel young again so they can party down.

Since glow sticks products have gotten so popular there are a wide variety of items you can give out as glow sticks party favors. Glow badges usually come in simple shapes and are just like badges that you can attach to your chest or even stick on the walls as decorations. They come with adhesive backing and are activated by squeezing the badges.

Glow stick straws can be used at the glow stickts party and then taken home by the guests along with glowing cups and silverware. It makes for very easy clean up. The glow stick straw is a specially made straw that contains a layer of the chemicals used in glow sticks between two plastic sealed tubes. Some of them are designed to slide up and down when you take a sip of your drink.

Glow pops and other glow candies don’t usually contain phosphorescent or chemoluminescent chemicals in themselves but they are usually attached to a glow stick type item. Glow pops for example are attached to the end of a thin glow stick. All you need to do is activate the glow stick to make your sucker glow.

Party favors for sports fans can include the light up golf ball. These are either powered by a replaceable glow stick or a mini LED light. The replaceable mini glow stick may be easier to purchase and use, especially since there’s no need to worry about the battery.

Glow sticks items can be found to give at a glow sticks party with just about any theme. Seasonal glow sticks party favors include glowing monster pendants, glow in the dark crosses, and you can even have something customized for your seasonal party. Although glow sticks do indeed make perfect party favors at a glow stick party, smaller sticks are truly the ideal favors to give in most circumstances. This is because they fit nicely in most loot bags, and are less expensive than their larger counterparts. So when it comes to glow sticks, think small.

Glow In The Dark Party Decorations
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