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Green led rave gloves create strong led shows on your hands. Rechargeable battery provides around 3 hours of usage per charge. Adjustable straps make the green led gloves fit for men and women easily. Get these led gloves and be the center of attention at the party, on the stage or at the rave!

This high quality 100% brand new rave gloves made with cloth, plastic and alloy that’s durable. The unique design can be adjusted easily to fit a hand of a man or a woman. Built-in rechargeable battery gives you about 1 to 3 hours of usage depending on how frequently you use. The optimum way to get the best effect is using them in a smoky / foggy environment.

Perfect for Halloween, raves, parties, stage or any cool outdoors or indoors activities.

In order to ensure the life of the led, switch 30-40 seconds, rest 10 seconds!

We ALWAYS double check every product in every aspect before sending out for shipping.

5 reviews for Green Light Up Gloves

  1. Danielle

    i got these gloves for my DJ friend and she loved it 😀

  2. Akemi

  3. Jose

  4. Sinead

    This light up gloves are amazing ! Brought them as a gift for someone and they were perfect. They loved them. The lasers are super strong, couldn’t get over how cool they were. The seller is also great at responding to questions and is very helpful. Would highly recommend.

  5. Sinead Ryan

    These gloves are amazing. Super strong lasers, seller is very responsive and helpful. Well worth it

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