Glow in the Dark Thong Comes with a Sexy Fishnet

Glow in the dark thong is styled with soft glowing fiber optic fabric for an awesome luminous effect! It looks fabulous from the front and the back too.

Glow In The Dark Thong Care

Light up thong and the fishnet can be hand-washed or machine washed. The water temprature should not exceed 80 degrees. The switch of the glow in the dark thong is waterproof so the whole thing can safely submerge.
Hang dry only! You must not put it into a dryer or iron it.

One Size Fits Most

Dual elastic straps at the sides enhance the womanly curves over the hips. The waistline measurement is 30″ – 35.4″.

Innovative Style Light Up Thong

Light up thong comes with a rechargeable battery and can be carged via USB. It takes about 2 hours for full charge and it gives 2 to 5 hours of usage time (depends on the flashing modes you use).

How To Operate Glow In The Dark Lingerie

Glow in the dark lingerie is very easy to operate. Press the switch button in order to switch between 7 different light colors and 4 flashing modes!

How does Light Up Thong and Fishnet Feel Like?

This lingerie set is soft to the touch and it’s elastic. It’s very lightweight and comfortable to wear.


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