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6 Tips On How To Dress Up When Going To A Party

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1-Some weddings and party invitations may not clearly state how you should be dressed. In such cases, take the initiative. A narrow suit, tie or sailor blue blazer jacket, ironed shirt and a narrow-cut jean; it will be enough for you to be elected as a handsome man of the night.

2-Wearing jeans to the party? Why would not? Light-colored jeans look darker than their counterparts. For this reason, when going to a party; a light jean, a white shirt and a dark blazer jacket.

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3-If you do not want to look too formal or too shabby, you can choose throat sweaters. When you wear this kind of sweater, head for your wide-eyed ones. You can wear a dark (black, blue, red) sweater with a blazer jacket. Of course; provided that you are careful not to be too long and end up in the waist area.

4-As long as you are wearing the right clothes, you can even be fashionable with simple clothes (dark suit, white shirt, dark tie). But you do not have to stay away from the patterns to get this cool. Wool, cotton and silk are fabrics in different styles and they all reflect the pattern in different sizes. For this reason, take advantage of the desire.

5-As a suit, do not let your mind come to your office. Because when you go to a cocktail, you will need a different suit than you wear in the office. In the meantime, your friends may imply that you are in a full cocktail style, but in our opinion this is more of a “female hunter” than ours!

6-If the invitation is marked as “tuxedo” or “tuxedo-optional”; they are waiting for you to wear a tuxedo. But if you want to look less formal in situations where it is not necessary, but not necessarily; you can choose a three-piece suit.


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