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DIY LED Gloves

DIY LED Gloves

DIY LED gloves have multiple colors in each finger tip like red, blue and green. You can control the flashing with the push of a hidden button near the wrist. Each glove has six lighting modes, so you can flash them in any pattern that you like. The lighting modes include slow flash, rapid flash, steady on, flashing all green, flashing all blue, and flashing all red. There are two lithium batteries used in each glove. These cotton gloves are stretchy, smooth inside and can fit almost any hand.

If you are having a party or concert, you must have LED gloves. Your fingertips will have amazing colors; you can light up the night without carrying anything. It has a magical effect that will look awesome in the dark. You can make crazy patterns with your hands. Just keep moving with these LED gloves and this will stand out over half a mile away.

You can outdo people dancing on the nightclub with these glowing gloves. DIY LED gloves are the right accessory for you. It can transform your moves on the dance floor into a brilliant light show. This is also perfect for Halloween, high school cheer dance routines, and even late night jogs.

DIY LED Gloves

It is good to understand the advantages of LEDs or Light Emitting Diodes. These types of lighting have a very long life. It has no mercury or other toxic content making it safer for use. It does not include infrared light and does not emit ultraviolet radiation. The small bulbs never generate heat; hence it is cool to touch. These do not generate radio frequency waves; hence it doesn’t interfere with television or radio broadcasts. These are resistant to vibrations and shocks. And these make great colored lights, which are found in the LED gloves.

DIY LED Gloves and How to Make Them

You will need cotton gloves in black or white color; two button battery holders, four button batteries, ten LEDs with red, green and blue as preferred colors, two rocker switches that should never be temporary on, thin wire, needle and thread, and electrical tape.

  1. Have the LEDs wired first to the wires. Ensure that you can distinguish between the positive and negative sides and have the ends of the wires stripped. The wires long enough so that it reaches the wrist. Ensure that you know the colors of the wires connected to the LEDs and wrap the end of the LED wires in electrical tape. Ensure that you tape one end first and the other end next, ensuring that the positive and negative ends do not touch each other.
  2. Reverse the gloves inside out. Then cut a small slit at each finger tip. Wear the glove to know which side is up. Then sew all the wires at the tip of the glove.
  3. Have the LEDs sewn to the fingertips. Let the needle pass through the glove, and allow it to wrap around the LEDs before sewing it back to the glove. Ensure that it is tightly done and do the same procedure for all fingertips.
  4. The wires should be sewn near the finger joints of the glove to keep them steady. When you wire them, have all positive ends wired together in one single wire. You also need to do that for the negative ends. The ends are then stripped together, and twisted to make a single wire. Never make them loose.
  5. Then one side of the wire (negative) is attached to a switch’s prongs. The positive side should also go to the other side. Wire the negative side to a battery holder. Do the same on the positive side.
  6. Once done, have all wires sewn into the gloves to make them steady and clean. Have all open wires covered with tape for precautionary measures. You can then install button cell batteries to the gloves.

You can also take a look at laser gloves. These accessories are also reasonably priced. You just need to know which items you prefer so you know what suits you best. These accessories are great for festive parties, so turn it on and have fun!


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