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RGB Lightsaber For Dueling

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Handle: 27cm (10.6″)
Blade: 82cm (32.2″)

This is a high quality saber with a sturdy and shiny sheet. Sturdy PC blade is strong enough to support heavy dueling. It’s made with premium aluminum alloy metal which makes it comfortable and stable to handle.

– 12 different light colors
– Swing on
– Sensitive swing
– 10 sets of sound fonts
– Click to change color
– Blaster deflection and lock-up
– Flash on clash
– Volume adjustment

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RGB Lightsaber Facts

RGB Lightsaber is most of the adults' "childhood fantasy". If you're like me you've always wanted to own your very own lightsaber. From the first moment that Luke Skywalker ignites Darth Vaders lightsaber through to Lukes climactic battle with Darth Vader in Return of the Jedi the lightsaber had a profound effect on me.

There's something unique about a lightsaber. It's a noble weapon that required training and skill to use and I think that appealed to all of us who wanted to grow up to be heroes and save the world from evil :) For most of us we never got to grow up to be that hero but we can still have our own lightsaber.

What are lightsabers made of?

The lightsabers are actually made of aluminium rods with handles. The actors then play out their fight scenes with these props. After the scenes are filmed animators then rotoscope the lighting effects onto the metal rods to achieve the glowing lightsaber effects. The special effects teams for Star Wars IV hoped to use scotchlite to provide the glowing lightsaber effects but the material didn't reflect nearly enough light to work effectively.

How long are the lightsaber blades?

The average lightsaber blade is 1 metre or approximately 3 foot long. A lightsaber handle is approximately 30 centimetres or 1 foot long.

Can lightsabers have different blade lengths?

Yes. A lightsaber produces it's blade by focusing a beam of energy through a jewel near the top of the hilt. Some lightsabers can have up to 3 different jewels in the hilt which in turn can produce different blade lengths.

How did they create the lightsaber sound?

After much experimentation the special effects team on Star Wars accidentally passed a microphone near a TV set which produced a humming sound. Passing the microphone near the back of the TV produced an even stronger humming sound.

What was used to create the original Star Wars lightsaber?

Believe it or not the original lightsaber was made from something called a Graflex. A Graflex was a flash gun for an old type of movie camera. It just happened to fit the shape and size requirements that the special effects teams for their lightsaber. The grip for the lightsaber was made from windshield wipers.


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