Glowstick, (609 Pcs Total) 240 Glow Sticks Bulk 7 Colour and Connectors for Caps Bracelets Necklaces Balls…


Glow Stick, 250 pcs 8” sticks (in 3 tube)+ 300 pcs connectors + 8 Ball(Pumpkin)&flower, 8 glasses kits, 5 butterfly bracelet, 5 trefoil, 4 hair clip, 3 tri-bracelet
Glow in the dark stick, 7 colour night lights in bulk(Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and Pink.) , with a delicate gift box. Both Kid and adult will love it!!
Light up Stick, can lasting for 10-14 hours (glowing time). With a simple break and a quick shake, these glow sticks produce an impressively bright light output!


Light Up Wear