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Light Up Gloves aka Rave Fingers

Light Up Gloves Aka Rave Fingers

light up glovesRave parties are undoubtedly one of the best places to let the hair down and have a fun evening. Light up gloves are a popular accessory for rave parties. These are gloves that create stylish streaking designs as one waves his or her hands around. The fingertips seem to flash in the dark and create colorful, symmetrical effects that amaze other ravers. Rave-partygoers also refer to these as “glow gloves.” These are extremely popular in rave parties of America, Europe and Canada.

Types of Light Up Gloves

Glow gloves come in a number of colors and designs, such as: Ribbon, Stribbon, Tri-rainbow, Single strobe, Double strobes, Triple strobes, Fade, X-fusion..
A raver can buy LED finger lights, which light up only the fingers of the wearer. There are LED gloves that only illuminate the palm. Such gloves come in a wide variety of colors, such as red, green, purple and blue. Gloves that light up only the fingertip tend to come in various lighting modes, such as: Rapid flash, slow flash, steady on.
Light up gloves are usually made of white cotton. These are stretchy and can fit the hand of any person of an average build. They are typically worn by both men and women. These gloves tend to have a push-button near the wrist. When the button is pressed, the light can change and flash in any design that the wearer wants.

Where to Buy Light Up Gloves?

Check out our light up gloves category. The cost of these products depend on how long lasting they are and the material that they are made of.
Generally, these gloves are sold as a pair and have lithium batteries included along with the package. Once these are bought, the gloves should be kept away from the reach of children. Flashing gloves are not recommended to be used by kids under 10 years of age.


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