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light up rave mask
light up rave mask
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Light Up Rave Mask , EDM Mask

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Light Up Rave Mask 

This one of a kind mask is the most attractive addition to your party outfit. With this mask, you’ll get all the attention in your environment which can be a party, a hip hop show, on stage as a DJ, a rave or on a bike & motorbike! People often like to have and see bright, shiny and colorful stuff. That’s why this mask is loved by everyone. It’s durable and simple design provides a long lasting experience.



Light Up Rave Mask

Light Up Rave Mask features:

Bionic LED Mask
Light Up Rave Mask

Multi-Color: RGB feature gives the users ability to change the colors to besides white; Red, Green, Blue and their variations by the remote control.

Modes: This light up rave mask has 4 different light options including , flashing, solid, fading and blinking (see the video below)

Rechargeable:  Rechargeable long lasting lithium ion battery gives the user about 30-35 mins nonstop usage by just 15-20 mins of charging time. It comes with the charger.

Durable: The metal body surrounded with soft touching edges along with a design for ultimate air flow provides the user a satisfying and comfortable experience. The high quality LED lights often have over ten thousand hours of life.

Ergonomic: The ergonomic design of light up rave mask makes it fit every adult faces. The adjustable straps help make it easy to wear.

LIGHT UP RAVE MASK detailed view

Please watch the video below to have a better understanding on what you will get when you buy light up rave mask. What you will see on the video is what you will get. Our products are always double checked before the shipment. We take customer satisfaction very serious. If you have any inquiries about the product please you can contact us.

Additional information

Weight 1.10 lbs
Dimensions 3.94 × 3.94 × 7.87 in





LED Color


Water Resistance

Not water proof. Do not submerge.


Rechargeable built-in lithium battery


Comes with battery charger


Coated Metal, silicone, nylon, elastic straps, high quality LED Lights

5 reviews for Light Up Rave Mask , EDM Mask

  1. Alex

    This mask looks BAAD-ASS! Can’t wait to wear it at the rave : )


  3. Keith Brown

    Love my product.

  4. Arnold

    I have not bought yet still debating

  5. Daniel Mendozza

    I use this mask almost every single night for last 3 months while riding my bike and it still works and looks like new.
    I charge it from my portable power bank that I got from Target for 30 bucks. It has a great airflow, easy to breathe and looks really cool!
    Overall it was a good purchase 🙂

  6. Wanda W.

    I have ordered 2 more and haven’t received them, can someone advise me on when I will receive them.

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