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pet clothing for dogs
When you think about pet clothing for dogs, you may imagine elaborate costumes for small toy dogs. You may also think that clothing for dogs is purely for show. You may even think that it is cruel to dress a dog up like a child.
Actually, there are some very good uses for clothing your dog and most dogs do not mind wearing the clothing once they get used to it. Dogs will naturally try to take off booties and jackets, as they prefer to go through life au natural. However, a dog does not always know what is best for him. It is up to you to make sure that your dog is protected, especially from the elements. This is a great reason to get your dog into clothes.

Booties are sold in packages of four. You can even get custom doggie booties on the internet. Why put your dog in booties? Very simple – to keep the pads on his paws protected from salt and heat. Both of these can play havoc on your dogs paws.

Imagine walking barefoot in the hot summer on concrete. It burns, right? This also burns the feet of your dog. He does not know that booties will protect him from this pain because he cannot reason this out. You can, however, so it is up to you to protect him.

The salt that is put down to keep people from slipping on ice is usually all over the sidewalks and driveways in areas where it gets cold in the winter. This salt can really harm the paws of your dog. It can get in between the pads and actually cause him tremendous pain. He does not realize that salt exists on the sidewalk. He only knows that his paws hurt. It is, again, up to you to protect him.

A jacket will probably come off as soon as you put it on your dog. Be patient. A jacket can protect a dog, especially a small breed dog with not a lot of hair, from the freezing cold. You know that it is really cold outside. Your dog may be watching the weather channel, but he does not understand what is going on. Again, it is up to you to protect him from the elements.

Pet clothing for dogs is not just a way to make your dog look pampered. Many items are necessities, especially if your dog is outside a lot of the time.

You can find pet clothing for dogs in a myriad of places, including internet shops. You actually have the best chance of getting a good price on the internet than anywhere else, especially if you find someone who makes the clothes on their own. Not only will you get quality, but you will also get a good price for the dog clothes.

If you choose to purchase pet clothing for dogs, make sure that the clothing that you choose is made for your breed of dog. Do not leave the clothing on while the dog is in the house as it may get the dog overheated. Introduce the clothing to the dog slowly until he gets used to wearing it.


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