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Light Up Shoes Are Fun!

Light Up ShoesLight up shoes trend from the 90’s is back. High top sneakers with light up soles are the thing now. Led shoes were originally released as high fashion designer wear, but now can be seen worn by common people at rave parties, concerts, festivals etc.

The glow in the dark shoes are seen everywhere on red carpets and Milan fashions week. All famous shoes brands have started taking out their own versions of led shoes. Adidas is following up with a glow in the dark version of the ultra boost. Nike too just recently added a glow in the dark option to the Sock Dart silhouette on Nike’s customization platform. The social trend setter of shoes, Pop shoes, got Justin Bieber’s dancers to wear their light up shoes. One of the main reasons why these led shoes are the new craze of the fashion industry is that they are being backed up by celebrities. From Victoria Beckham to Ellie Goulding, all celebrities have been seen wearing light up shoes.

Light up shoes

Light up shoes trend has been around since 90′ and now it is more stylish, more beautiful and brighter.

What are light up shoes?

Led light up shoes are distinct forms of shoes that have LED lights featured in them that usually change color, flash, or light up in different patterns. These shoes kind of remind you of the shoes you used to wear when you were a kid but are a slightly different version of them. These include a switch that enables the switching and off of lights; and are battery powered, so whenever they run out of power you can always charge them.

To charge them you only need to connect them to a power source using the hidden USB port.Light up shoes are marketed at every individual, from kids to teenagers to adults. There is design that will go well with everyone. These shoes have illumination all over the shoe which means more light. This makes these shoes more eye catching and attractive with each step.

Light up shoes have also become an important part of the popular shuffle dance. Shuffle dance is a dance for rave parties and consists of fast heel and toe action. LED shoes which light up the entire sole are the latest craze in the world of shuffle dancers. They light up and enhance the dancer’s movement and make the moves more amplified. These types of led shoes are for all ages, there are even glow up shoes for kids.

Where to buy led lights for clothes and shoes

Led lights have illuminated our rooms and have been used to create artful masterpieces. This technological trend has traveled up to fashion and now we are wearing clothes and shoes with led’s attached for fashion and for making a statement.

As other companies have also started designing their own led clothing, you yourself can also buy your own led light clothing easily now, there are many online websites from you can get illuminating clothes on an affordable, economical price. Lit clothing is no longer limited to the celebrities or red carpets. Following is a list online stores where all types of light up clothing is available, from shoes to rave clothing to accessories, you can find everything at Light Up Wear!


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