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Light Up Halloween Costumes

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Who doesn’t love Halloween? One of the things that makes this holiday so great is that you can dress up as any fantasy you want and have your persona excepted. Over the past few years, Halloween has become an enormous draw to adults and their Halloween festivities. Popular Halloween costumes such as classic vampires, ghosts and other scary characters are still going strong. But Halloween night is also a very sexy holiday. Costumes portraying enchanting Witches and seductive Vampires are always a great choice, and let us not forget the Mistress of the Dark herself, Elvira.

Its also a perfect time for couples to dress up together as anything they want to be from a Mad Scientist and Nurse to a Playboy and his Bunny, the possibilities are endless! And why not, Halloween is the one time of the year that almost anything goes, allowing people to live out fantasies, if only for this one night.

Think all light up Halloween costumes are the same? Think again! The quality of Halloween costumes varies greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. Needless to say, price is usually a good indicator as to the quality of a costume, but not always. Since Halloween comes only once a year, you want your costume to look great, and its worth spending a little more to really stand out in a crowd. Many online costume stores offer a large selection of unusual costumes that can’t be found in department stores, or even light up Halloween costumes shops. Plus, shopping online allows you to shop well in advance of Halloween, avoiding the last-minute crowds and empty shelves, all without leaving your home.

Order your light up Halloween costumes around the first week of September, well in advance of October 31st. That may seem too soon but this gives you time to make sure that it fills your needs. Plus, it gives you time to find the right accessories and make-up that you may need as well. Keep in mind that many online retailers do not actually stock the products they sell. They will pass the order to a distributor and the product(s) will be dropped shipped to you. The problem is that since they don’t actually stock their own products it often takes longer for you to receive your order, or they might be out of stock, another good reason for early online shopping.


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