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LED shirts are  the flashing t-shirts that flash to the beat of music! Light Up T-Shirts are perfect for any fun occasions. LED shirts are one of the most popular party outfit items. Fashion is an ever-changing industry – a look that is extremely popular one day might be thrown in the dumpster the next. One fashion item that seems to have withstood the test of time, however, is the shirts. shirtss are available in such a range of styles and colors that they never seem to run out of style. While this may be true, there is also a downside to the equation – having such a high volume of shirts styles and brands on the market makes it difficult to stand out. The LED EL shirts is an innovative design that combines fashion with technology for a bold, eye-catching look.

LED shirts, like any shirts, comes with a variety of designs available to print on the front. While the designs may be interesting in themselves, they are not the primary feature which makes this type of shirts unique. The LED shirts has a built-in sound sensitive spectrum analyzer that interacts with music. When the sound sensor detects music, the picture on the front of the shirts will flash and light up, changing its level of brightness in accordance with the volume of the music. Just like the equalizer on any home stereo, each frequency will activate an equalizer bar on the front of the shirts.

Lights On T-shirts:

These are one of the most basic technological fashion item where there are led’s on a panel, attached on the t–shirt. An EL(electroluminescent) panel is used to illuminate led’s design on garments. This panel is attached to the shirt or any apparel with Velcro. According to your preference, these can be sound sensitive, which allows the light to turn on or off at the some sound or they could be simply automated flashing lights.

There is also an off and on button on the shirt which allows you to turn the lights on or off whenever you want. So that the lights battery doesn’t finish up soon and they could be turned off when you aren’t wearing the shirt. The shirt looks like an ordinary screen printed shirt when the lights are turned off. As the power needed to emit light is low, the panels always remain cool. Most panels are made water proof in case they come in contact with liquids. But you still need to remain careful as these lights are connected to wires and contact with water might cause a short circuit.

These shirts are packed with rechargeable batteries, so if you have run out of power, you can always charge your shirt again to illuminate. Moreover your design can also be customized on the shirt. Whether you want a specific quote on your shirt or just an emoji, you can customize it however you please.

Sound Activated / Sound Detector LED Shirt: These types of garments lights up when there is some sort of music or a sound. The garment has a tiny microphone attached to it which does the job of detecting sound. People prefer wearing these types of shirts to concerts or rave parties where there is a lot of music. It also comes with a switch button for turning the led’s on or off when you desire and there is usually also a sensitivity dial attached to it. These dials are there so that in case you are standing near the speaker at a concert you can turn down the sensitivity level. So can adjust the sensitivity dial according to the sound, if it’s too loud you can turn it low and if there is less sound you can turn the sensitivity high. Many people are seen wearing these shirts at concerts as the shirt lights up with the beat of the music.

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