Battery pack takes 2 AA batteries and has 3 settings: Full On, Slow Blink and Fast Blink Battery pack can clip to anywhere from the waist and up, it can easily be clipped to your belt or placed in your pants pocket Mask light will remain bright for up to 24 hours per set of batteries
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Light Up Rave Mask or LED Rave Mask. This mask is the most creative and attractive addition to rave clothing. Light Up Rave Mask comes with multi color feature and a remote. You can watch the video for more detailed … Continued

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3 PAIRS Flashing Glasses- 3 DIFFERENT COLORS -Blinking -Costume Mask-Party Favor Butterfly Rave-EyesTM Glasses -- 6 Blinking LED Lights on each pair - High Quality Plastic with Amber Lenses Three flashing Modes Celebrate: Halloween Birthdays - New Year's Eve - Tax Day - Earth Day - Festivals - Parties - Masquerades -- Wear as the perfect nightclub accessory Wonderful accessory for Fairy and Princess Dress up