EL flashing glasses Application scenes :great for any parties, festivals, raves, concerts, weddings, bachelor or bachelorette parties Ultra-high EL wire to make the light blow out, provide excellent visual effect at night
Firefighter Costume With Jacket, Pants and Hat. Light up Badge on chest of the costume, Batteries included. It is battery operated and glows / lights up when the button on the top of battery is turned on.
$45.99 $25.21
Red plush jumpsuit and character headpiece Motion activated light-up eyes with button cell batteries included
Skeleton costume with mask and gloves and shoe cover. Complete costume. Fiber optic lights, Batteries included Sometimes battery compartment slips inside the chest part. Please look inside for the wire, at the end of it you will find battery compartment.
✔ Auchee's LED Eyelashes pose little risk of harm. They use a 3V coin battery exactly like those found in most wrist watches and are just as safe. ✔ The LEDs used in the Flash Eyelashes do not emit any noticeable heat. Our LED lashes are completely cool to the touch. ✔ The LED lashes are weather-resistant. Normal perspiration and weather conditions will not affect it's functionality.
Battery pack takes 2 AA batteries and has 3 settings: Full On, Slow Blink and Fast Blink Battery pack can clip to anywhere from the waist and up, it can easily be clipped to your belt or placed in your pants pocket Mask light will remain bright for up to 24 hours per set of batteries
Child's size Small fits most 3 to 4 year olds, 44" to 48" tall Bat outline lights up using a non-replaceable button cell battery with approximately 48 hour life Look for more Batman as well as other superhero or dastardly villain costumes and accessories to create a fun group or family costume
Pink Witch Light up Costume. Witch Hat included. It is battery operated and glows / lights up when the button inside the white pouch is turned on.
LIGHT COLORS: Each glove glows RED, GREEN, and BLUE in 6 different modes: Solid, flashing, and alternating patterns TWO SIZE: Child size is smaller for kids ages 6-10. Adult Sized for teens and adult. LIGHT COLORS & MODES: Different color settings and patterns the light run through by pressing the button on the wrist
$12.99 $6.99
12 Color, 13 Mode: Color Changing, Red, Blue, White, Orange, Green, Purple, Pink, Yellow, Light Green, Light Blue, Light Pink, Lavender Easy control design. Press button once for changing mode, long press to turn off. Each glove comes with two CR2016 pre-installed replaceable batteries. Simply remove the battery tab to activate. One size fit most gloves make your hand like a skeleton. Good dancing gloves for stage show. Show off your personality and activate the atmosphere.
Takes 2 AA Batteries (Lasts 12-24 hours per set of batteries) Light up Hoodie Controller comes with 3 Modes - On/Off, Fast Blinking, and Slow Blinking. Light Up Controller rests comfortably in the left pocket.
$60.00 $44.97