PERFECT FOR PARTIES --- It is great for the young when enjoying concerts, raves, clubs, party, hip-hop, festivals, halloween trick-or-treating, etc.It can also be used to dance, play the piano or go cycling at night. No matter what, you can take this pair of gloves as a beautiful luminous landscape, which can make you charming and eye-catching; Also a fun toy & gift for friends,families and yourself 3 COLORS & 6 ADJUST MODES --- Red, green and blue 3 different colors flashing; 6 exciting modes you can choose from simply by pushing the button on the battery pack. The LED bulbs are ultra bright to ensure high visibility and fun whether you're indoors or outdoors EASY ACCESSIBLE OPERATION --- The lights are easy to operate by just pushing on the switch area and cycling through to the setting you wish.The battery packs are easily accessible in a velcro-sealed pouch along the cuff
Cotton, One size fits most. Before use please remove white insulation strip from the battery. 6 Mode LED Gloves Rave Light Finger Lighting Flashing Glow Mittens Soft black and white fabric with white light up fingers
Upgraded, easier-to-use Speed and Tilt motion functions, plus the all new Flux Motion 31 Color Palette including new colors: Cosmic Owl, Lime, Cyan, Lens Flare, Snarf, and Tombstone 12 Flashing Pattern options including new patterns: Shadow, Centerpoint and Ultra Dops
Includes 2 gloves (1 pair) with LED, light up finger tips. 100% brand new and high quality Rave Gloves. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE! These Led Gloves come with a 100% guarantee. You WANT the most reliable Finger Lights For Kids, right? These Finger Lights For Kids are absolutely perfect 6 Flashing Modes: fast multicolor blink; morphing LEDs; constant multicolor; fast blinking red, blue and green. LOOKING FOR A GIFT? Finger Light Gloves makes an awesome gift for many occasions Rave gloves feature 15 LEDs in the fingertips (5 green, 5 red and 5 blue). Its everything you need when looking for Raving Gloves. Easy to use, and absolutely amazing Glowing Gloves product. These Led Gloves Rave are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and are designed to last for a long time
laser gloves
  • Easy to adjust, fits most
  • 2.5 hour usage time
  • Rechargeable
  • High Quality
40 total finger lights in four different colors Elastic bands which make it easy to attach to your fingers Super bright LED lights: Red, White, Blue, Green
Party Down On A Cold Night But Still Retain The Ability To Text With Fingerless LED Gloves Features 6 Different Light Up Settings! Perfect For Winter Festivals, Clubs, Nights Out On The Town, Holiday Parties & More!
12 color,12 mode:Color changing,red,blue,white,yellow,green,light purple, light pink, light yellow, light green, light blue,purple,pink. Easy control design, press button once for changing mode, long press to turn off. One size fit most gloves make your hand like a skeleton
$28.00 $15.89
Youth Size Light up Skeleton Gloves. Batteries included. Lasts over 24 hours on a new set of batteries. Light controller takes 2 CR2016 batteries and has 4 settings: Full On, Pattern Blink, Regular Blink, Off. The gloves feature an inner battery pack pocket which is concealed while wearing.

Light Up Gloves

The right kind of light accessories can make any rave party work big time! LED light up gloves have now become an essential part of rave dressing and add an extra effect to the dance parties. These literally make the presence of the wearer an electrifying one as he moves his hands to the beat of the latest chartbusters. It would not be wrong to say that one can actually light up the party with his fingertips and create a dashing effect on other ravers with these amazing glow gloves.