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Light up Christmas sweaters add more fun to an Ugly Sweater Party. The holidays just wouldn’t be the same without those light up Christmas sweaters. But what makes a light up Christmas sweater awesome? It all comes down to the color clash; the brighter the colors, the better. The combination of red and green tends to stand out immediately on it’s own, but if you add in blue, and especially yellow, you’ll have no problem qualifying as an awesome light up sweater.

Christmas Shirts with Lights

Marketers have expanded their light up clothes from parties to holiday celebrations. There are shirts specifically designed to be worn on Christmas or Easter or other celebrations. Having messages light up wishes on our apparel makes the occasion even better. We all like to sparkle, what is a better way to that than literally wearing the light on ourselves.

How to throw an awesome ugly Christmas sweater party

So what kind of fun can you actually have with your light up christmas sweaters? You can throw a party of course! Christmas sweater parties have gotten quite popular in the last decade, so why not join the trend and throw your own ugly Christmas sweater party?

So you don’t know the first thing about throwing a party, you say? Well not to worry, here are some tips to make your sweater party the talk of the town, and ensure you and your friends will have a grand old time in your light up christmas sweaters.

Step 1. Figure out where and when you will have your party. Sounds simple enough, but there are a few things you need to consider. How many people will you be inviting? If your guests won’t amount to more than 20, then you should be fine just hosting your party in your home or apartment. However, if you’ll have more guests, you want to make sure you have enough space for everyone to show off those christmas sweaters, so you might want to either find someone with a bigger house, or find some space to rent for your party.

Step 2. Get your invitations out in the mail at least a few weeks before your party date. Be sure to specify that guests need to wear light up Christmas sweaters…it IS the theme after all! If you want to be more modern, skip the traditional invitations and just set up an event on facebook where your friends can indicate if they will attend, won’t attend, or aren’t sure.

Step 3. Make sure you have your own ugly Christmas sweater! You’re the host after all, so you gotta make sure your sweater will be one of the ugliest at the party. If you need help finding one, thrift stores are a great place to find tacky christmas sweaters.

Step 4. Make sure you have all the right decorations to go with your light up christmas sweaters theme. This won’t be too hard, just set up for a holiday party. At a bare minimum, you’ll want a Christmas tree, Christmas lights, and Christmas greenery (wreath, mistletoe, etc.). If you want to get really fancy, get some Christmas themed dinnerware as well, which will include plates and napkins. A nice touch will be to throw a Christmas tablecloth on your dining table, with holiday candles and napkin holders.

Step 5. No light up christmas sweaters party, or any party for that matter, would be complete without food! A great way to make sure you’ve got something for everyone is to ask your guests ahead of time for suggestions on the goodies. You can also go the easy route and just make it a pot luck; split up your guests into different food groups. For example, some can bring drinks, others can bring desserts, another group can bring entrees, etc.

If you’ll be supplying all the food yourself, you’ll want to make sure to include Christmas cookies at the very least. Some other popular treats include buffalo wings, cheeses, sandwiches, and of course alcoholic drinks.

Step 6. Entertainment! A great activity for an light up christmas sweaters party is to have a contest to see who actually has the ugliest sweater. Select a panel of judges to decide who wins, and you can give out party favors for first, second and third place.

Also, make sure to have appropriate Christmas music playing in the background to get everyone in the holiday spirit!

These are just the basics for getting a good Christmas sweaters party going, be creative and add some of your own ideas to these and your party is sure to be a hit. Make sure to document the night with pictures and videos so everyone can look back and remember the best ugly Christmas sweater party they ever attended!


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