LED Shirts

LED shirts are one of the most popular party outfit items. Fashion is an ever-changing industry – a look that is extremely popular one day might be thrown in the dumpster the next. One fashion item that seems to have withstood the test of time, however, is the shirts. shirtss are available in such a range of styles and colors that they never seem to run out of style. While this may be true, there is also a downside to the equation – having such a high volume of shirts styles and brands on the market makes it difficult to stand out. The LED EL shirts is an innovative design that combines fashion with technology for a bold, eye-catching look.


The LED shirts, like any shirts, comes with a variety of designs available to print on the front. While the designs may be interesting in themselves, they are not the primary feature which makes this type of shirts unique. The LED shirts has a built-in sound sensitive spectrum analyzer that interacts with music. When the sound sensor detects music, the picture on the front of the shirts will flash and light up, changing its level of brightness in accordance with the volume of the music. Just like the equalizer on any home stereo, each frequency will activate an equalizer bar on the front of the shirts.

Sound Activated / Sound Detector LED Shirt

These types of garments lights up when there is some sort of music or a sound. The garment has a tiny microphone attached to it which does the job of detecting sound. People prefer wearing these types of shirts to concerts or rave parties where there is a lot of music. It also comes with a switch button for turning the led’s on or off when you desire and there is usually also a sensitivity dial attached to it. These dials are there so that in case you are standing near the speaker at a concert you can turn down the sensitivity level. So can adjust the sensitivity dial according to the sound, if it’s too loud you can turn it low and if there is less sound you can turn the sensitivity high. Many people are seen wearing these shirts at concerts as the shirt lights up with the beat of the music.

How LED Shirts Work

The Electro Luminescence panel that has been incorporated into the design of the EL shirts makes it an incredibly unique product, one that any music-lover can appreciate. It only takes 4 batteries to operate the sound panel and the battery pack is detachable, so the consumer can choose whether or not to utilize the LED function of the shirts. For as fashionable as this shirts is and as innovative as its technological designs are, this shirts is both easy to operate and fun to wear. With a simple slide switch the wearer can turn the EL panel on and off and it can be easily removed for washing.

It seems like every day a new and exciting design becomes available. But unlike some of the outrageous looks sweeping the runway in Hollywood, the LED EL shirts is a look that can be worn and appreciated by any consumer. With a built-in equalizer and LED display, the LED EL shirts transforms a night at the club into an audio-visual performance. Fashion fans and music fans no longer need to be divided – both can be satisfied with the inventive juxtaposition of fashion and technology accomplished by the LED shirts.

Light Up Shirts

This Iron Man LED Shirt is 100% cotton and its design lights up through the music. The sound activated electroluminescent panel on the front of the tshirt reacts to the rhytm and this makes this tshirt is a perfect party tshirt. Do not submerge in water and please fold around the design, try not to bend the EL panel.
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Can be placed anywhere possible: clubs, bars, restaurants, clothings, your own room, vehicles, and much more Can be turned on/off plus sound sensitivity can be adjusted to your desire Velcro® applied on the back panel, just peel and stick
T-shirt lights up and reacts to music and sound 100% Cotton Hand washable
T-shirt lights up and reacts to music and sound 100% cotton Hand washable
T-shirt lights up and reacts to music and sound 100% cotton Hand washable
100% Polyester Casual Style, Stretch Fabric, 3d Printed, Crewneck, Patchwork, Funny Pattern Sound Activated Led Lover Kid T Shirts Crew Neck Short Shirts Tees
Material:Cotton Blending hort Sleeve Crew Neck Or V Neck T-shirt For Women,Men,Boy,Girl Our Usually Delivery Time:6-15 Days
Built in Sound Sensitive Spectrum Analyzer As the Music Beats, the Equalizer Moves to the Beat Electro Luminescence Panel with a Battery Pack (Fits In Inside Shirt Pocket)
Officially licensed Doctor Who product Cool Tardis Sound-Activated Light-Up LED design Removable Tardis LED panel that lights up, when activated by sound and music!
As the music beats, the equalizer moves to the beat of the music! The lights flashes colors in time to music and sound The battery pack hides discretely in an inside t-shirt pocket. The convenient belt clip attached to your pants or can be put it in your pocket for easy access to the controls. It is with small Independent carton packing to protect the shirt
Sound activated LED Panel Black high quality cotton t-shirt Each shirt comes with an adjusted volume sensor to adjusted for the speed of the flashing. Volume Sensor accepts two AAA battery (not included)
HEADPHONES COOL DJ-CLUB SHIRT Dancer Shirt Gorilla DJ Beat Music Headphones Hip Hop Sound music lover shirt is a for guys & girls who love all kinds dancing styles such as tumbling, line-dance, swing, lyrical dance, break dance. Epic music design for DJs-spinners producers musicians music lovers dance classic graffiti dancing drum beat fanatics. volume mixer, headphones-gorilla-sunglasses that is too cool to be do anything but dance & set music. Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem