Includes 100 8" Glow Sticks, 100 Connectors, 5 Triple Connectors, 2 Flower/Ball Connectors Great for Halloween, Parties, Bath Tub Fun, Weddings, Bars & More Fresh from the factory- Ultra bright and long lasting!
200 8" long, 5mm diameter,glow bracelets 200 bracelet/necklace Connectors Brand New & Fresh from the Factory.
PREMIUM GLOW STICK ASSORTMENT IN MIXED COLORS: Party more colorfully w/ 25 extra-thick 6" long-lasting glow sticks & 25 necklace string party favors LONG LASTING: Glow sticks glow for 8 - 12 hrs; 5 bright colors: pink, green, blue, yellow and orange FUN FOR ALL AGES: 6" glow sticks make ultra bright glow necklaces; PartySticks make the best glow sticks for all ages. Premium long lasting and durable
Glow Stick, 250 pcs 8'' sticks (in 3 tube)+ 300 pcs connectors + 8 Ball(Pumpkin)&flower, 8 glasses kits, 5 butterfly bracelet, 5 trefoil, 4 hair clip, 3 tri-bracelet Glow in the dark stick, 7 colour night lights in bulk(Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and Pink.) , with a delicate gift box. Both Kid and adult will love it!! Light up Stick, can lasting for 10-14 hours (glowing time). With a simple break and a quick shake, these glow sticks produce an impressively bright light output!
INCLUDES: 300 8" premium quality glow sticks and 300 connectors (3 tubes of 100) LONG LASTING: Glow sticks glow brightly for 8 - 12 hours and contain 5 vibrant colors: pink, green, blue, yellow and orange FUN: 8" glow sticks connect to make glow bracelets, glow necklaces and other glow in the dark creations!
$19.99 $19.95
1 Tube of 25 Premium Industrial Grade Extra Thick Glow Sticks Stick is 15mm Thick with a flat bottom and loop for string at the top Contains a Spectacular Assortment of Colors. (Picture may not reflect all colors.)
Authentic Lumistick Brand Premium Glow Products Includes 100 Connectors (Make Bracelets, Necklaces & More) Contains 5 Bright Colors: Pink, Green, Blue, Yellow & Orange
6mm thickness, most others use 5mm. 100% brand new and high quality Glow Necklaces. You WANT the most reliable Glow Necklaces, right? These Glow Necklaces are absolutely perfect. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE! These Glow Necklaces come with a 100% guarantee 1 Tube of 50 Glow Necklaces, 50 Necklaces total. LOOKING FOR A GIFT? Glow Necklaces makes an awesome gift for many occasions 50 Connectors Included (Make Necklaces & More). These Glow Necklaces are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and are designed to last for a long time. Easy to use, and absolutely amazing Glow Necklaces product. Its everything you need when looking for Glow Necklaces
$19.99 $18.99