Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

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So it is your child’s 13th birthday party coming up. 13 is by far one of the best and most important of birthday party years. Now your little one is a teenager, with teenage ideas, teenage dreams and teenage expectations. Mom and dad are determined to put together the best ever party to celebrate their little special bundle of joy as they begin their teenage years. For sure we want this to be a special one since he is no longer a little kid but truly a young teenager now with a whole new set of likes and values.
When planning this special birthday party we want to be certain we are not incorporating little kid themes and activities into the festivities but we also want to be certain that we are not pushing a theme that may be a bit too mature for a young group of thirteen year olds.

birthday party ideas for kids
birthday party ideas for kids

Smash Hit Birthday Party Ideas for your 13 Year Old

Perhaps a happy medium would be a birthday party with a glow in the dark theme filled with lots of games and even live music to dance and sing to. Everyone loves music and teenage kids love to sing and dance so why not do all of this under strobe light balls hanging from the ceiling and black lights in the party room.
You can choose glow in the dark party accessories such as your plates, cups, napkins, tablecloths and even wall and table decorations that truly glow in the dark. Teenagers really love the whole glow in the dark thing with bracelets and necklaces and little glow sticks and are sure to enjoy a party completely themed on glow in the dark. Party stores will have all sorts of other creative additions to decorate your party room and a variety of prizes and games that will keep the interest of your teenagers as well.
Another fun teenage party idea is an adventure party outdoors. You can actually plan a camp party for the kids right in your own backyard under the stars. Start by building a nice camp fire and perhaps they can make their own Smores, a favorite among teenage kids and they can sing campfire songs, play music, tell scary stories and sleep outdoors on the ground in their tents and sleeping bags. This is sure to be a special party memory for your teenager and one that all the guests are sure to talk about for a long time.
Whatever party planning you do make certain to keep in mind that you are planning that special occasion for your TEENAGER now and want to be certain that everyone in attendance feels that special bit of “grown up” treatment with a party beyond their little kid years.

Indiana Jones Birthday Party for Boys

What little boy doesn’t love Indiana Jones? What grown boy does love Indiana Jones? LOL. Everybody loves Indiana Jones and a party with this theme is a party sure to be remembered. There is so much that you can do to plan this very adventurous birthday party for your child.

To Start your Indiana Jones Party

To begin planning any birthday party you need to select your invitations. All party stores have Indiana Jones invitations in various patterns. So pick the pattern that suits your little guy best and get those invitations in the mail and if you want to create your own, then you can go online and using clip art and images you can certainly make your own. It would be an added little treat if you were to indicate on your invitation that you want all the guests to come to the party with a piece of Indiana Jones with them, whether it is a big hat like he wears, or a little leather jacket, or carrying a rope, or maybe even an Indiana Jones toy gun. It will be fun to see how everyone responds to this little extra fun activity.

Your Indiana Jones Party Decorations

Now let’s move on to the decorations. Tablecloths with Indiana Jones scenes, napkins, plates and cups with Indiana Jones characters are only the beginning. Indiana Jones cutouts and wall posters can be hung. Use Indiana Jones colors like browns, reds, yellows and greens in your streamers, banners, and balloons and be certain that you have plenty of each. Then you can purchase plastic or rubber snakes, toy guns, ropes, and even blow up trees that you can scatter throughout the house to give a jungle like atmosphere to the party. These accessories are sure to capture the imagination of your little guests and keep everyone’s attention.

Indiana Jones Perfect Birthday Cake

And of course you want to make the perfect birthday cake with your Indiana Jones theme for your little guy. You can simply go to the same party store and purchase cake decorations of Indian Jones himself as well as other characters from the movie. By all means, bake your own cake and then decorate with these fun toppings. Once your cake is all set then you want to select candles that blend with the colors of your Indiana Jones theme like green, red and yellow candles. The matching colored candles with put the finishing touch on your special birthday cake.
Every little boy loves Indiana Jones and certainly your little boy will love a birthday party that will make all the day’s events come to life for your guest of honor and all his party friends.


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