Light Up Gloves aka LED Gloves

The right kind of light accessories can make any rave party work big time! LED light up gloves have now become an essential part of rave dressing and add an extra effect to the dance parties. These literally make the presence of the wearer an electrifying one as he moves his hands to the beat of the latest chartbusters. It would not be wrong to say that one can actually light up the party with his fingertips and create a dashing effect on other ravers with these amazing glow gloves.

It has six modes. Three Color Strobe, three Color Morphing, three Color Trailing, Red, Green, Blue. The battery is in the opening pouch inside the glove. It can fit on your hands perfectly. It really can capture the attention in Clubbing, Rave, Birthday, EDM, Disco, or Dubstep Party.
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Consider being able to hold 30 high intensity LED micro lights in the palm of your hands and still be capable of rave… Sounds unattainable right? What if we told you you CAN have the power and effect of 15 … Continued

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3 colors in each fingertip (Red, Green, & Blue). - turned on / off by simply pressing it against your finger. Specially designed to fit inside the tips of these gloves without coming out. Black gloves are available which can conceal so all you can see at night is the light
7 mode LED Finger Gloves Lighting Flashing Material: Nylon Item weight: 67g
Made of Cotton. Small size fit for 6-12 years old kids. If you don't know kids very well this LED gloves should be a go to kid present because this gloves are pretty generic and most children love both gloves and flashy stuff. Before use please remove white insulation strip from the battery. 6 Mode LED Gloves Rave Light Finger Lighting Flashing Glow Mittens Soft black and white fabric with white light up fingers
Cotton, One size fits most. Before use please remove white insulation strip from the battery. 6 Mode LED Gloves Rave Light Finger Lighting Flashing Glow Mittens Soft black and white fabric with white light up fingers
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MAKE YOUR HANDS LOOK LIKE A SKELETON. The perfect glowing gloves for a Halloween costume, rave, concert, party, gloving, playing the piano, or just for fun. EASILY TURN ON & OFF THE LED LIGHT. Button is located on the back of your hand when wearing the gloves. The gloves look like regular white gloves, but once you press the button the bright, colorful LED lights hidden under the gloves light up like glowing bones. Batteries are included and installed. ONE SIZE FITS MOST. Gloves are made from comfortable, stretchy, white cotton knit material.
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Ravers are all the time on the lookout for the most up to date, most cutting electronic club toys to work in to their routine. By now now we have all seen finger leds or even bulky units the inhibit … Continued

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Can be seen from up to 1/4 mile Operation time up to 35 hours Modes: On, Fast Strobe, Slow Strobe, and Off
❤❤❤Big Deals Price $8.99❤❤❤FIT FOR: This product is a very cool and fun. They will be a lot of fun have when your out with your friends, or at a game, at a party, or just walking around your neighborhood during the holidays or other festival occasion.These are super fun either for playing outside at night in the cold, or for concerts, raves, and festivals. These really are fun for every age. 3 COLORS 6 MODES: (1) flashing strobe light colors (2) the colors are slow moving and almost melt into the next color (3) the entire fingers all stay lit with green, blue, and red (4) red flashing finger tips (5) blue flashing fingers (6) green flashing fingers. BATTERIES INCLUDED: It is also comes with two batteries that last up of use and are easily replaceable. The gloves contain inner buttons and the switches, so if you push the switch it could start flashing with a variety of colors alternating lights and pushing it different times have different lights flashing.
😊BRIGHT COLORFUL RAVE LED GLOVES! This light up gloves have 6 flashing modes: 3 color strobe, 3 color morphing, 3 color trailing, red strobe, green strobe and blue strobe. Stable performance, ultra-bright light colors, cool and beautiful. 😊COTTON MATERIAL & WEAR COMFORTABLE! DAWAY Z01 led gloves are made of cotton, finger parts are white color, other parts are black. It's same with ordinary gloves, comfortable, breathable and warm. 😊HIDDEN SWITCH DESIGN & CONTROLLED EASILY! The control switch of this led gloves is hidden in the wrist, safe, does not affect the appearance. It's very easy and convenient to control flashing modes. The wrist part is elastic, won't fall off easily.
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Top of the line LED Gloves used by top Glovers All New Flashing Patterns and Expanded Color Palette Package contains: (10) Microlights, (20) 1620 Batteries, Premuim Ultrabright Clear Bulb LEDs, Diffusers, White Emazing Magic Stretch Gloves and a Protective Light Tray