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Light up clothing is perfect for fun occasions such as parties and clubbing. People who has style and know how to have fun love light up clothing. From light up shoes to light up bras, led tshirts to sports fan LED clothing.. You can find cool pieces light up clothing at Light Up Wear. 

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100% Acrylic Features lights across brim of hat Requires 2 CR2 batteries (included)
100% Acrylic Feature lights across Scarf Requires 2 CR2 batteries (included)
Light up sweater Let it snow jacquard pattern Great for ugly Christmas party
1.Material: stainless steel earring with Cubic Zirconia stone 2.Ideal jewlry for holidays, costumes, and parties 3.Several colors available(suggest to choose coloful earring as it wil flash.
Our Shutter EL Wire Shades are made with a Sturdy White Frame. The Light controller takes 2 AA batteries and has 3 settings: All On, Fast Blink, and Hyper Strobe. The battery pack can clip to anywhere on your upper body. I clip it to my belt or put it in my pocket.
Durable and dependable: This LED light up glasses is made of top ABS, with CE, RoHS and EN62471 certification. Most of LED glasses are cheap plastic and break quickly. We designed our led glasses to sturdy hard ABS to provide you an awesome favor with party program including clubbing, disco, concerts rave and many more. The led glasses shape design with multi-color LED light, which respond to the intensity of human voices or to external noises like music. Putting the led glasses on and playing a rock song with a solid beat is so much fun - it's really cool to see the colored lights pulse along with the beat of the music. Environmental: The led light up glasses are built 2pcs of replaceable and environmentally friendly CR2016 batteries, easy to activate by just pulling a little tab between the batteries and have an on and off switch so that you can conserve the battery life, while ensuring the led glasses to maintain a long-time use.
This bright hat is guaranteed to steal the show! One-Size Fits All. The EPIC Logo is outlined with eletroluminescent wire, giving it a very bright glow. Takes 1 AAA Battery. Lasts 12 Hours Per Set of Batteries. Battery Pack is tucked inside of the hat.

Neon rainbow tutu that lights up! 5 layer organza rainbow tutu features an elastic waistband and a strand of blinking battery operated LED lights inside the layers. The battery pack has an on/off switch and fits snuggly into a hidden … Continued

Our out-of-site sexy bra with psychedelic waves of light, this rave bra has 3 colors of ultra bright el wire in a wild wavy pattern. Superior quality with professionally hand-sewn el wire and includes a 3-mode battery pack with on/off, strobe & blink features. Top quality push up bra, underwire cups for support with adjustable straps and back closure. Batteries: 2 AA, can be replaced as often as you like or use rechargeable batteries
Great stitches and non-slip rubber sole for high durability Shoes can be cleaned by soft fabric, But cannot be washed. USB rechargeable, one charge for 2~3 hours
Odema store is the only authorization seller of Odema led shoes. SWITCH INSTRUCTION: Hidden switch by the charging port. Press it to switch on.It starts with steady red light.With each press,it changes to another light mode.Press the switch for 12 times to turn the light off. CHARGE INSTRUCTION: Easy charge like your cell phone with the attached USB charging cable.Switch on the shoes when received and light up until all power gone.Then charge both shoes for 3 hours.
Post-sales Service: We promise that you will be shipped a new pair of shoes fast if the shoes led light is not work within three months. Using Instruction:There is a switch on the inside of the shoe close to where the usb connection is. So you have a chose one of 7 color for lights along with turning them completely off. Do not wear this shoes when you do strenuous exercise lest damaging the Led light and electronic cables. Charging Instruction: Slowly plug in and pull the Usb line while charging. The led shoes can be used 7 to 9 hours when charging 2 to 3 hours. Do not exceed 3 hours charging time lest the led light is broken.


light up clothingLED Technology is one of the finest technology in illumines. LED is the acronym of Light Emitting Diode and it is a semiconductor that emits visible light when electricity passes through it. The emission of light depends on electrons flowing between anode and cathode and the colour of the visual emission (that can be Red, Green, Blue, Amber, and White…) depends on the material utilized.
Light up clothing mix this technology with style. This is what makes this fashion alive and unique.

If you are bored of regular, boring outfits give a chance to light up clothing. This style is a perfect attention getter in a party or in any event.
You can get the best color of tutu skirts or bras for special occasions. Would you like to make a big fashion statement with your light up Christmas sweater at the Christmas party? LED products are fashionable and re-usable. They’re fun to use.
Light up clothing is perfect for fun occasions such as parties and clubbing. People who has style and know how to have fun love light up wear. From light up shoes to light up bras, led tshirts to sports fan LED clothing.. You can find almost every pieces of light up clothing at Light Up Wear.

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